Field Trip Concert

Dear Teachers,

We are excited to present to you the Imagination Movers interactive rock concert! We’ve successfully mixed the physical activity of a PE class with lessons in higher-level thinking, social skills and teamwork. This fun, safe experience features several science demonstrations and takes into account state educational standards while providing teachers with many opportunities for post-concert classroom applications.

Imagination Movers songs have been called “music for the body and brain” since they encourage physical activity and creativity. The song list for the “Think Big” tour will inspire kids to think big, eat right, make healthy lifestyle choices and become well-rounded students:

"Imagination Movers motivates children (and adults) to learn about themselves, their relatoonships, and the world around them in ways that are fresh and exciting ... I strongly recommend this ingenious quartet to children and caregivers alike."

  -- Julie A. Larrieu, Ph.D. Professor of Clinical Psychiatry and Pediatrics, Tulane University School of Medicine

"How refreshing to have such positive energy and great messages shared with our young children. The Movers are modeling good ideas and healthy messages for us all."

  -- Julia Bland, Executive Director, Louisiana Children's Museum

"Take the kids!"

  -- The Washington Post

"Fresh and treacle-free."

  -- Parenting Magazine


*Note: Tickets are non-refundable. Imagination Movers will make best efforts to reschedule during a time that is convenient to all parties, in the event of a postponement. 


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