Unreleased Gems

Thursday, January 7, 2021 at 7:00 AM by User
Unreleased Gems
In preparation for an upcoming EP release, we're rolling out some previously unreleased ditties. Consider it a pop-up shop, of sorts.

Today's two songs are Take Time and Kindergarten Graduation (Swell Version).

Take Time was written and recorded in 2015 but never released. Recently, the song was remastered and will be made available for a short time. The song tackles patience and persistence as we learn, whether riding a bike, tying your shoes, or making friends.

Kindergarten Graduation (Swell Version) is a rousing, acoustic version of the song released on our album, 10-4. The lyrics are based on the standards and benchmarks guiding that momentous year - kindergarten.

Both songs can be found on Bandcamp.
Please consider purchasing them both. Like many other artists, our ability to tour has been adversely impacted by Covid-19. Artists are struggling to create revenue streams for themselves and we are no different. Anything you can do to support who we are and what we do is appreciated.

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