Movers 11th Album BLUE SKIES Drops on June 18

"Blue Skies" is the 11th album from the Emmy-winning rockers Imagination Movers, a New Orleans-based group on the verge of celebrating 22 years of creating music for kids and parents to enjoy together. The 12 tracks oscillate from silly to sincere while featuring the Movers' usual catchy choruses, inspired wordplay, and robust pop rock arrangements.

Boosted by their eponymous Disney+ television show, the Movers continue to happily hold the banner for quality indie children's music that can exist on a playlist alongside bands like Wet Leg, Twenty One Pilots, Circa Waves and Middle Kids.

The new album's first single, "Ice Cream Sandwich," is a pop-punk confection with a call-and-response section as sweet as its subject matter.

Propelled by a vocal choir, mandolin, uke, and acoustic guitar, "Road Trip" is a sonic postcard evoking feelings of driving down curvy country highways as the sun peeks over the horizon.

"Summer Campers" is a "shout-along" song perfect for kids and counselors to chant during rowdy assemblies.

Add songs like "Jetpacks," "Cuckoo Bird," and "Big Feelings" to the mix and you get a collection that reveals a group still operating at the peak of its powers.

The project began in 2002 in New Orleans. Six years later, the “Imagination Movers” television series began its three-season international run on the Disney Channel, helping the band cultivate a global audience via the airwaves and persistent live touring.

The Movers — Rich Collins, Scott Durbin, Dave Poche and Scott “Smitty” Smith — perform concerts around the world and continue to create new music and videos. Notably, recent appearances at Lollapalooza and other festivals have attracted as many college-age fans as youngsters. 

The band’s new songs, meanwhile, have landed near the top of the Billboard charts. The novelty track “Watermelon Meow Meow,” for instance, is about to surpass 20 million streams on Spotify. And the Movers’ entire audio and video catalog has racked up hundreds of millions of streams and views on Spotify, Youtube and other platforms.

Several new songs from “Blue Skies” have landed on Spotify and Apple Music playlists, and “Ice Cream Sandwich” has joined countless other Movers songs in rotation on SiriusXM’s Kid’s Place Live.

It’s clear this 22-year-old project is flying high … with plenty of “Blue Skies” ahead.