1. It's Here!

    Dec 15
    It's Here!

    It's been over 2 years since we last released music. So, please enjoy our 10th album 10-4. The album features 13 audio snacks for your consumption, including such songs Butterfly Wings featuring the immensely talented Lisa Loeb, the hilarious ditty Socks about what else but collecting ... socks, and Is That Wrong, a musical mash-up of the book No, David! and The Black Keys, to name a few. 

    Please consider picking up an autographed copy from our store for you, your child's class, or your local library:

    Also, you can buy or gift a digital copy to someone who needs some positive music in their life:

    You can stream it on all your favorite platforms, too.

  2. Physical or Digital?
    Have you got your digital pre-order in for the Movers new album? If you do it today, you'll get Socks and So Glad You're Here immediately. So what are you waiting for?

    Get it NOW.

    Or perhaps you want to grab an autographed copy? No worries, we have you covered here. And don't forget to secure that official 10-4 Movers shirt

    Did you know? The cover art for the new Movers art features images from the previous 9 covers to create the fill for the silhouettes. 

  3. Pre-Order 10-4
    The Movers long-awaited 10th album is here, featuring 13 new tunes for your listening pleasure. From the opening track "Socks" to the final ditty "#fuzzylittlecat" you'll fall in love with 10-4.

    Pre-order an autographed copy today or get the digital version here.

    1. So Glad You're Here

      As many of you are aware, Mover Scott recently suffered a spontaneous nonaneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage (NASAH), spending five days at East Jefferson General Hospital, four of which were in ICU. 

      Presently, he is resting and recuperating.  There are two medical follow-ups, but Scott's prognosis is excellent. The Docs said this should be a momentary blip on his timeline, thankfully. Regardless, the whole experience has been ripe with reflection. If you are interested in his time in ICU, Scott composed a poignant Facebook post.

      To all of our concerned fans, we want to thank all of you for your thoughts, prayers, good vibes, and messages. 

      Truly, we are so glad you're here.