1. Movers Return to Jack Frost Festival
    The Movers return to perform 4 shows at the Jack Frost Winterfest - Atlantic Canada’s favorite family event and the largest winter festival east of Quebec City.

    The Mover play on 2/16 & 2/17 at 10 am & 2 pm at the Live Family Stage. So, get ready for some high flying toilet paper, ginormous balloons, vortex cannons, confetti and music, music, music. It surely will be an amazing experience for the whole family.

    Plus, you can embrace the Canadian winter at Jack Frost’s Eastlink Outdoor Snow Kingdom, an interactive winter playground featuring snow and ice slides, a mountainous tube run and incredible ice sculptures by the Canadian Snow Sculpting Team. New this year, Jack Frost’s Eastlink Snow Kingdom will open on Islander Day - Monday, Feb. 18 - offering an extra day of outdoor family fun for weekend pass holders. Warm up at Jack Frost’s Indoor Playland with a petting zoo, inflatables, face painting, family photo ops and more.
  2. Supporting Mover Music
    We're very proud of our latest album, 10-4, and we encourage you to listen to it as well as our entire catalog. Besides getting your own autographed copy of 10-4 from our online store, we'd love for you to stream our new music on SpotifyApple Music, or your favorite digital service providers. 

    We'd also encourage you to support those who support us - like SiriusXM Kids Place Live. If you happen to listen to channel 78 and hear a Movers song, then let them know you appreciate them playing our music. Right now, our song Is That Wrong is number 3 on the 13 under 13 countdown. Here's hoping we get to number 1!

  3. It's Here!

    Dec 15
    It's Here!

    It's been over 2 years since we last released music. So, please enjoy our 10th album 10-4. The album features 13 audio snacks for your consumption, including such songs Butterfly Wings featuring the immensely talented Lisa Loeb, the hilarious ditty Socks about what else but collecting ... socks, and Is That Wrong, a musical mash-up of the book No, David! and The Black Keys, to name a few. 

    Please consider picking up an autographed copy from our store for you, your child's class, or your local library:

    Also, you can buy or gift a digital copy to someone who needs some positive music in their life:

    You can stream it on all your favorite platforms, too.

  4. Physical or Digital?
    Have you got your digital pre-order in for the Movers new album? If you do it today, you'll get Socks and So Glad You're Here immediately. So what are you waiting for?

    Get it NOW.

    Or perhaps you want to grab an autographed copy? No worries, we have you covered here. And don't forget to secure that official 10-4 Movers shirt

    Did you know? The cover art for the new Movers art features images from the previous 9 covers to create the fill for the silhouettes.