1. Q Collection Unveiled

    NEW ORLEANS - The Imagination Movers are proud to unveil a new pop-up T-shirt collection - dubbed the Q Collection - in the official Movers website store.

    Named in honor of the world’s current “quarantine” lifestyle, the limited-edition Q Collection features three awesome new designs:

    1) Los Imaginadores
    2) Physical Ed
    3) Mayor of Fishtown

    Each new official Movers shirt explores a different facet of the Movers’ universe. A portion of the profits from each design will go to an appropriate nonprofit.

    “Los Imaginadores” is the name of the Movers’ Disney+ television show when translated into Spanish. The shirt that bears the same name is a tribute to the band’s many Spanish-speaking fans in Europe and Latin America, where the series has always been a hit. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this shirt will go to the Hispanic Federation, which has earned a four-star rating from Charity Navigator six years in a row.

    The Beastie Boys-inspired Imagination Movers Physical Ed red tee recalls Ad Rock’s shirt in the 1986 video for “(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party).” A portion of the profits from this design will go to MusiCares, an outstanding nonprofit providing a safety net of critical assistance for people in the music industry in times of need. MusiCares helped the Movers replenish all their lost music instruments after Katrina.

    The Mayor of Fishtown shirt is inspired by the obscure bonus track of the same name from the Movers’ 2005 indie album “Eight Feet.” The goofy 34-second song describes the fictional mayor of a fictional town that sounds like it's probably located next door to a certain "Octopus's Garden." Now the mayor has been illustrated for the first time - and he’s sporting a very jaunty monocle and top hat. HeadCount, a non-partisan organization that uses the power of music to register voters and promote participation in democracy, is the beneficiary of this design.

    For the next 72-hours - Buy all 3 shirts from the Q Collection OR spend $75 and receive FREE domestic shipping. These designs are for a limited-time only. Don't miss this opportunity.
  2. As many of you are aware, a lot of our recent concerts have had to be rescheduled or cancelled due to the Coronavirus. In fact, our Racine Zoo show in Wisconsin is being rescheduled for fall 2021. We do have two October shows in CT & NY, respectively, that are still on. Plus, we're doing a fallfest concert in October as well in our home state of Louisiana. Stay tuned for more information on the Louisiana gig.

    What you can do in the meantime is help us do the following:

    1) Stream the show on Disney +

    2) Follow us of Spotify -…

    3) Follow us on Apple -

    4) Follow us on Twitter (@iMovers) and Instagram (imaginationmoversofficial)

    5) Stay tuned for our Q-Collection

  3. How to Talk to Kids About What's Going On + More
    There are a lot of amazing resources available from credible and authentic channels regarding how to discuss what is going on in the world with your child. As advocates for kids and their families - please check out some of the following:


    Children's Hospital LA

    Harvard Health


    With many of us experiencing stay at home orders, the Movers want to encourage creativity in our younger fans. Check this out, as well as this one, and here. While we would love for you to stream our show on Disney + make sure its part of a balanced media experience, and allowing for time away for technology and the tv.
  4. Movers Now Airing on Disney +
    That's right, you can watch all your favorite Mover episodes, starting today on Disney +. So what are waiting for? Stream, binge, and catch Rich, Scott, Dave, and Smitty as well as Nina, Warehouse Mouse, and Knit-Knots as they brainstorm, solve problems, and have fun.
    With three season of episodes, be on the look out for Baker Ben (Duff Goldman), the Tooth Fairy (Cheri Oteri), Boris (Perry Ojeda), Gunther (Sam Zeller), Goldilocks (Abby Cobb), and many others as you fall in love with the Movers all over again.