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Choose your favorite Mover: RICH, SCOTT, DAVE or SMITTY, choose a blank patch, or have a custom patch made with YOUR NAME!

Individual patch. Do not come attached to suit.

All patches have iron-on backing except for the Blank Patch in Adult. Youth Blank Patch is available in both iron-on or unbacked.

Email the patch name in ALL CAPS to [email protected]

Youth size is a 3" oval.

Adult size is a 4" oval.

Patches start from $5 and go up in price from there:

Blank unbacked patch $5

Blank iron-on patch $5

Mover Rich, Scott, Smitty, Dave, and Nina patches are $12

(Gear patches and MOVERS patches are found on separate pages here:

Gear patch:

MOVERS patch:


For best results, set your iron to medium heat (no steam). Place the patch adhesive side down on your item. Press and hold with your iron for about 8 seconds. That should give you a nice, tight bond.

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