Friends of the Movers Sound Check

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Are we playing in your city? Want to meet the real Movers sans their blue suits? We are now offering an exclusive opportunity for 12 “Friends of the Movers" to attend the sound check in each respective city we play (before the first show ONLY in cities with two shows). We'll 'check' our sound, give a high five and even take a song request. Plus, you might even get an autograph.

*Limited to 12 people per city.

Each person need a pass for this experience. One per adult and one per child ages 2 and up. NO exceptions.  Details will be emailed to you the week before the concert.

Email [email protected] with any questions.

GROUP RATE: Buying for your entire family? Orders of 4 or more receive a $50 discount off of the total price! Email us at [email protected] for a code to apply when placing your order.

IMPORTANT: perk does NOT include tickets to the show so you'll need to get your tickets BEFORE ordering the Sound Check option to take advantage of this incredible experience.

NOTE: In some cases the venue or show day may prohibit a sound check from happening. If this occurs, we will let you know as soon as possible and will offer refunds or other access to the Movers to compensate. But don't worry, you'll be well taken care of :)

*Emailed receipt from Wonderful Union must be forwarded to [email protected] for order to be placed. 

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