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What would happen if Captain Kangaroo jammed with the Red Hot Chili Peppers? The result would probably sound like this incredibly catchy collection of all-new kids music from the Emmy Award-winning Imagination Movers. Add it to your family’s playlist now! 

Track List:
1. Getting Stronger
2. Bounce
3. My Friends and Me
4. Up Up Up
5. Sunrise Sunset
6. Slip Sliding
7. When You Grow Up
8. Luck of the Irish
9. Let the Sun Shine In
10. On My Way Home (Hawaiian Lullaby)
11. Riding the Waves, Butterfly
12. Friendly Guy
13. Get Serious
14. The Sensible Life of a Pirate
15. Easy Come Easy Go
16. Caribbean Rhapsody
17. Springtime
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