Come Friday, April 26th, at 5:15 p.m., the Movers will perform on the SCÈNE LABORDE EARLES LAW FIRM FAIS DO DO stage at Festival International, the largest free international festival in the US.

Come experience the fun of an Imagination Movers concert as your boys in blue play your favorite Mover songs with a strategic cover thrown in to make it all the more enjoyable.

The Movers mark their debut performance at the Marathon Center for the Performing Arts in Findlay, Ohio, on Saturday, August 17 for a 2 pm show.

The boys in blue will bring their high-energy, interactive live music concert that’s fun for the whole family! So expect flying toilet paper, vortex rings, confetti/streamers, ginormous balloons, and music, music, music.

Get your tickets now and spend a wonderful afternoon jumping up, getting down, standing up, and turning around with the Movers.

$15 - $25

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