1. Number #1

    Jun 5
    Number #1

    We count ourselves lucky to be able to hear a song we wrote and performed on Sirius XM. It's not an experience we take for granted.

    That's why it is reaffirming to see a song resonate with people, as is the case with Kindergarten Graduation which on June 4th topped the 13 Under 13 Chart on Kids Place Live. Kids Place Live is such a great supporter of quality children's music for families to enjoy together and we're happy to see our music played on channel 78.

    It's the second version of the song. The 10-4 track is an electronic dance mix and fun in its own right, but the Swell Version, or the one you hear on KPL, is a rousing acoustic mix that is honest and straightforward. And, the only place you can get a copy is on our Bandcamp page.

    The lyrics are based in part on standards and benchmarks for kindergarteners and we wanted to be earnest and respectful about that hallmark in the life of a child. So, the song is an ode to graduates everywhere - from the smallest on up.

    Keep supporting our music and who we are!
  2. Live Shows on the Horizon?

    The big question on everyone's mind is when are the Movers playing live again. Well, the answer is soon.

    It's been a difficult period for many of us during the pandemic. Artists and the venues they perform were effectively shut down for well over a year. Many of our colleagues and performances spaces will not return.

    There is hope. With a light at the end of the tunnel, promoters and venues are once again booking shows and that means the Movers will be performing soon. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, many of the Movers have had to rely on their other occupations so our opportunities on the road will be limited.

    As such, it's important for you to know that if you see a Mover show booked, it really is a "don't miss this" opportunity.
  3. Can you feel it? It's graduation time and to celebrate, we invite you to enjoy Kindergarten Graduation (Swell Version).

    Based in part on the standards and benchmarks for kindergarten students, this song celebrates that monumental day when a kindergarten graduates and enters the wonderful world of 1st grade.

    Also, please request this song along with your favorite Mover tunes on SiriusXM Kids Place Live by emailing: kidsplacel[email protected] or calling 866-328-2345
  4. BANDCAMP Day 2.o
    If you missed our first 24-hour album drop, then don't miss this one. On March 26 all day long, we'll make available 12 songs you can't get anywhere else ... and it'll be available for only one day -

    Bandcamp is an artist-friendly platform and 3/26 all proceeds go directly to the artist (that's us). Through the support of BCD, you enable us to continue creating.

    Also, we've finished up an EP entirely of new songs and are considering crowd-funding a Movers mini-Movie. Pretty cool so stay tuned on that information.