Mover Skateboards Have Arrived 

Volatile Skateboards has teamed up with the Imagination Movers to bring you the first officially licensed skateboard deck. Made from 100% Canadian maple. The boards are available in 3 sizes: 8.0 - 8.25 - 8.5 

The design appeals to Mover fans & Thrashers, young and old. 

Boarders will be stoked by the black and white-checkered pattern adorning their future ride. Very Movers ska! Plus, there are gnarly cartoon bigheads of each Mover. Rich, Scott, Dave, & Smitty have even signed their names. 

Available as a deck or a complete skateboard.

Note: Pre-orders for complete skateboards come with a <1-minute personalized video shout out from a Mover of choice. All pre-orders will also receive a code to redeem for 12 unreleased Mover tracks.

Don't miss out - put your brain bucket on and catch some air with this one-of-a-kind Mvr sk8board.

Pre-order yours NOW.

Award-winning Mover Smitty 

Did you know Mover Smitty is an award-winning duck carver? 

He received multiple accolades yesterday for his superior craftsmanship from the Louisiana Wildfowl Carvers & Collectors Guild showcase. 

Way to go, Smitty. 

Quack. Quack.

Mover Rich in the News 

New Orleans Magazine recently interviewed Mover Rich about his upcoming solo performance at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. Check out the Q & A here.

Happy To Be Here Debuts in Billboards Top Ten 

Movers Debut in Top 10
The Movers wanted to share that Happy To Be Here has officially charted on Billboard’s “Kids Audio” chart and has debuted in the top #10. Keep the party going. 

If you haven’t listened to the EP, please have your own listening party.

Leaves Fall Down Receives National Recognition 

Leaves Fall Down Patch

The Movers' beautiful ode to the season of Fall, Leaves Fall Down, received the Honorable Mention award in the 26th Annual USA Songwriting Competition. After being named one of ten finalists in the Children’s category only two songs received an award, and Leaves was one of those two. The song is also in rotation on SiriusXM Kids Place Live.  

Please consider streaming the tune using your platform of choice or simply say, “Alexa, please play Leaves Fall Down by the Imagination Movers.”